User Manual

App Download

Apple iOS Android
* Or search 'Libratone' in Apple App Store or Google Play to download App

Wi-Fi Setup

Power on
1.Long press the power button for 3 seconds 2.The Nightingale is lit 3.Wait for around 20 seconds
* For the first run connect the speaker to a power source
1.The speaker will enter setup mode automatically the first run, which shows a side-to-side sequence on the top 2.Run Libratone App, follow the instruction to complete Wi-Fi connection 3.Wait until the Wi-Fi setup is completed and the speaker shows the status as the above picture
Great! Now the speaker is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Any phone connected to the same Wi-Fi can play music on the speaker
Want to change Wi-Fi connection?
1.Long press the Nightingale for 2 seconds 2.If a side-to-side sequence is shown on the top,the speaker is ready for setup 3.Run the Libratone App, follow the instructions to complete the Wi-Fi setup

Music Playback

iOS Device
1.Pop up the Control Center from the bottom of the screen and swipe left 2.Click the arrow
3.Select Libratone speaker in the list 4.Just open the music App, press play and enjoy your music
* Please make sure to connect your IOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your speaker
Android Device
(Take Spotify as an example)
(Take Spotify as an example)
1.Find the "DLNA" icon and click on the bottom left of the playlist 2.Select Libratone speaker
3.Click play, and enjoy the music
* Please make sure to connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as your speaker

Touch Interface

① SoundSpace Link  ② Previous  ③ My Favourites  ④ Status Indicator Lights  ⑤ Next  
⑥ Play/Pause(* Long press for 2 seconds to enter/exit setup mode)

My Favourites

Tap the heart icon to toggle through the 5 preset channels/playlists
* Change to different channels/playlists in App

Volume Control

Rotate your finger clockwise or counterclockwise along the touch interface to adjust the volume


Lower the music momentarily by placing your hand over the touch interface
* Also used for reject incoming call when connected via Bluetooth

Battery Indicator

Tap the power button to check battery level when the speaker is turned on

Status Indicators

Wi-Fi is connected

The Nightingale, 'SoundSpace Link' and 'My Favourites' icons are lit at 50% when Wi-Fi is connected
'SoundSpace Link' icon is lit at 100% when the speaker is in a SoundSpace Link
'My Favourites' icon is lit at 100% when a favourite channel is playing on the speaker


The Nightingale is lit at 100% when playing music


There is something wrong if the red light triple flash
The red light is solid on when low battery, please connect the power supply as soon as possible


Please wait when the 10 lights are lit in sequence

Soundspace Link

Link Setup

With the patented SoundSpace Link technology, multiple speakers connected to the same Wi-Fi network can be linked together and play synchronously

1.Tap the SoundSpace Link icon on speaker 1 to start the Link setup process with the audio cue 2.When the icon flash on the other speaker, tap the icon to join the Link
3.The icon will be lit at 100% with the audio cue when it joins the Link sucessfully
* When linked, the name will change to 'LINK XXXX'. You can play music to the Link following normal music playback steps
1.Long press the SoundSpace Link icon on speaker 3 for 2 seconds 2.Audio cue will be played on speaker 3
3.Speaker 3 is sucessfully removed from the Link

Play Via Bluetooth

1.Long press the Nightingale for 2 seconds to enter setup mode 2.Open the Settings-Bluetooth menu in your phone and select the Libratone speaker for pairing and connection
3.Open the music App and play, then enjoy your music
* Tap the Nightingale to answer/end call when the phone and speaker are connected via Bluetooth

Other Playback Sources

Connect your speaker with 3.5mm audio cable and play Connect your speaker to an iPod/iPhone with a USB cable, iPod/iPhone will be charged while playing music Plug in the USB disk and play when the speaker is ready

① Charging Indicator Light  ② Power Button  ③ Power Cord  ④ 3.5mm audio cable  ⑤ USB cable


How do I play music via Wi-Fi?

1. The Wi-Fi router plays an important role for using a Wi-Fi speaker. The music or control commands from mobile devices are sent to the speaker via the Wi-Fi router. Before using the speaker, you have to setup the speakers Wi-Fi connection first and make sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi router as the mobile devices
2. After connected to Wi-Fi, the speaker can stream and play content from internet directly
3. Mobile devices, which are connected to the same Wi-Fi as the speaker, can control the speaker via the Libratone App and play music via the speaker

How to setup a speaker without the Libratone App installed on iOS device?

With iOS devices you can connect your speaker to Wi-Fi without the Libratone app. When the speaker enters setup mode, open settings and then Wi-Fi, select the Libratone speaker in the "New Airplay speaker" list, follow the instruction to complete the configuration

Playback is interrupted or has noise?

The speaker can be used were there is Wi-Fi coverage. If the speaker is too far away from the Wi-Fi router, the Wi-Fi signal is weak or there are too many Wi-Fi devices nearby that has strong interference it can cause playback to be interrupted
You can check the speaker Wi-Fi signal strength in the Libratone App

What kind of audio inputs are supported and how do I switch among the various audio sources?

The speaker supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3,5mm cable input, USB disk playback, and playing directly from iOS devices when connected with an Apple USB cable

How do I change the 5 favourites?

Radio channels: Click the Nightingale icon in top right of Libratone App, click "My Music" , select your favourite station and enter the page, click "Favourite" and select your speaker. Spotify Playlist:
1. Start a playlist in the Spotify app
2. Open the Libratone app and select the playing speaker
3. Press favourites
4. Press the heart icon and follow the instructions

How to play music from a USB disk?

Plug in the USB disk, when it's connected successfully, there will be an audio cue. After the speaker is ready, music playback will start automatically. Use the left and right icon to switch tracks
Only USB disks with FAT32 file system is supported by the speaker. The following audio formats are supported:

Is it possible to play via Wi-Fi outdoors?

As long as your Wi-Fi network has coverage it's possible but in case you don't have Wi-Fi coverage please connect via Bluetooth
Please refer to ‘Play via Bluetooth’ in the User Manual

Product Specification

Product Model LTH200
Channel 1.1
Speaker 1 * 3" woofer
1 * 1" tweeter
2 * 3" passive radiator
Max. Power 60W
S/N Ratio 96dBA
Max. SPL 93dBA@1m
Frequency Response Range 65~20kHz
Audio Input Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Line-in, USB
Playing Time 8-12hours
Charging Time <3hours
Product Dimension Diameter100mm, height224.4mm